fredag 12 april 2013

Hello every body!
well, you see that this text is in English and I hope that it is OK for you.
I would like to write about Thursday evening which we went to sight seeing in stockholm and it was really great!
We were four groups of eight people with one leader in each group. we took buss to the central station of Stockholm to visit some nice and famouse places and to take photos an have some fun!
And it was great!! we talked a lot, we luaghed a lot and had a great time as much as possible. it was really cold and those who were from warm countries were freezing! but any way, we enjoyed it!
we ate dinner together in the city center and all groups joined together at the end to come back to our place. then Sara joined us and we played some games at night which was interesting moment.
And also we had some lectures and workshops of IFHOHYP during the day which were really useful and gave us much more information about it.
well, we will be back to you soon with more unpdates in Swedish!

All the best,

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