fredag 16 oktober 2015

Luxemburg - deltagarfrågor

Frågorna som deltagarna får;

Can you explain how your school avoids and removes physical barriers and supports you in your education?
Please give examples of:
How your classmates and teachers deal with and take into account your needs.
Positive attitudes from your teachers and classmates.
Good physical accessibility of buildings, technical aids and technical adaptation of transport in your school.
How the class is organised to support you.
The type of guidance you receive to support you.
In your opinion, how can we overcome the remaining barriers in your school, so that inclusion benefits all learners?
Do you know any organisations representing young people with disabilities that influence politics and decision making in your country?
Do you have any other comments?

Nu ska jag snart intervjuas för en video! Berättar mer sen!

Syntolkning. Bild på vårt program det är loggan från denna konferens på framsidan. Det är flera händer i olika färger som håller i varandra så att de bildar en cirkel.

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